Grade 1 Group 2 – week of 6/1/2020 – last week of instruction


Materials Needed
QuickReads Passages – your child will need the packet for the full week, contains one passage per day
QR Jobs

Practice for Monday
5 to 10 minutes practice on Lalilo
QuickReads Passage – Outdoor Jobs

Directions for QuickReads:
Depending on your child’s comfort level you can either start at step 1 or step 3-
1-Read the passage to your child, child follows along
2-Read the passage with your child at the same time, don’t worry if your child doesn’t know all of the words
3-Read taking turns by sentences
4-Switch who starts and take turns reading by sentences
5-If your child seems comfortable enough have him/her read the whole passage to you
6-Have your child do a retell


Materials Needed
QuickReads Passage – Office Jobs

Watch the video

Parents –
After the video or live instruction, you and your child can read the QuickReads together. Follow the steps from Monday.


5 to 10 minutes of practice on Lalilo
QuickReads Passage – Store Jobs, repeat steps from Monday


Materials Needed
QuickReads Passage – Travel Jobs

Watch the video

After the video you can have your child reread the QuickReads passage and practice retelling.

Friday – Final day of instruction

5 to 10 Minutes on Lalilo
QuickReads Passage – Jobs at Home, repeat steps from Monday

Thank you!! St. John parents are the BEST! You made it to the end and you are all amazing!!